Breakfast Club Classic - Charlie Murphy Talks Family, His First Standup gig and more!
  • KevilGegory

    Killed it

  • Ebony Collins

    The QUEEN!!!

  • Cecilia Johnson


  • Kenya ThickMadame Phillips

    Queen that was out but don’t put urself out there like them

  • mellow_Bx_97

    ?Its a battle its a battle

  • Doug Carey


  • Hazel WillalwaysluvJames Latel

    The queen has spoken!

  • Sahara Wisdom

    Get em QUEEN!!!

  • Kv Active


  • Tammie

    Straight ????!!! Somebody done set that shit off!

  • Shameka L. Parrish-Wright

    They better leave my Queen alone. I don’t know who did it but yall better leave her out of it. Been rocking with Queen Latifa since I was 12 and saw her at a free concert in my neighborhood of Evanston in Cincinnati, Ohio 1989/1990.

  • Tracy Craig

    Bow down to the Queen !

  • Laresa Walker

    They’re just trying to make themselves relevant… Keep your crown on ma.. We love u!!!! Besides anyone who changes their whole body got issues she need to be making dis track about her surgeon!!!

  • Khaalidah Nessa Bond-Fleming

    Now that’s battlerapping. She is still the Queen ?

  • Elonah Sosnobbedout

    That’s real Hip Hop all hail the Queen!!

  • Alayna

    Omg savagely slayed them hoes…. All hail The REAL Queen of hip hop

  • V.a. Dontaskmeshit

    LL cool j its call 4,3,2,1

  • Holly Jones

    O yes Queen u gave her the business love ya.

  • Netta

    What song is that beat from at 2:21?

    • V.a. Dontaskmeshit

      LL cool J – 4,3,2,1

  • Lakeshia Saunders

    Handle your business Queen

  • Faruq Abdullah Cooley

    I Don’t Feel Sorry For You.
    You Forgot Your Pass

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    • Miariam Johnson

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  • “R°£”

    ‘no holding back’ but uhh i could of sworn i seen bam doing some kind of ting[meet&greet]downtown in the lowa across from extra butter today.[delancystreet]

    • The7original

      Idk i hope he can clear this up